Halal Contamination

How does food contamination occur?

Food contamination can occur in many different ways. For main causes of food contamination are;

  1. Not washing hands
  2. Cross-contamination
  3. Improper storage
  4. Contamination by animal waste

Contaminants can be provided into two categoris: Physical and Biological.

Physical Biological
1. Human Negligence Insects
2. Human Intentional Rodents

How can we avoid food contamination?



This is to properly clean everything. This includes the workspace and all materials used

Wash Hands Soap

Wash hands with hot soap and water for at least 30 seconds


Prevention of pests by implementing pest control program

What will I do When I get the food?

When you receive any food, be sure to check all the boxes, cans & packaging for any tampering, breakage or any label discrepancy. This will ensure that the food in your pantry is safe and satisfying for all consumers.

Proper Storage:
  • Items must be stored at least 6 inches off the ground.
  • Food should be organized on shelves in proper categories.
  • Food should be stored in proper food temperatures.
  • Food should not be stored with (Source of alcohol, pork & dirt).
Evaluating Food :

Packaging Throw out if..
Boxes with inner bags Inner bag is open in any way
Boxes without inner bags Open in any way
Bags or sack Rips, tears punctures or holes
Pouches Inflation incomplete or incorrectly formed seals
Cans Missing label or Bulged

Developing A Regular Cleaning Schedule :

A regular Cleaning schedule will ensure that the storage and preparation area is clean and safe for food handling.

  • Wash - Wash dishes, utensils, cookware, cutting boards, appliances and cooking surfaces with HOT, SOAPY WATER to remove visible soil.
  • Rinse - Thoroughly RINSE OFF soap and film
  • Sanitize - REGULAR CHLORINE BLEACH diluted into water is an easy-to-use germ killer.